so mg is allergic to cats. and italics is of the feline variety. which has made me wonder: what is it about this fallen world that makes even good changes have an element of sadness?



yesterday mg and i took a loaf of bread, peanut butter, and jelly to the park, sat at a picnic table, and ate lunch in the sun. i think it was one of the moments we've shared that i've enjoyed the most.



michael card came and played at our church sunday night. it was the second time i've had the privilege of hearing him live and i was once again amazed by his ability to drive everything back to god. so often musicians leave me amazed at their ability or in love with their music. but rarely, even from artists from the so-called christian music industry, do i hear a song and simply sit in amazement over the power, wisdom and amazing plan of god.

of course, one can listen to any brilliant piece of music and credit god for the artistry and beauty of it. still, it is unique - especially when listening to such a talented poet and musician - to leave a concert thinking "what an awesome god" and only later "oh, and what an amazing artist".