Most people she never tells
about the tightrope
because she
doesn't want
to listen to
their helpful
the ground.

– brian andreas


the importance of d

so anyone who knows me probably knows my lower spine hurts. a lot. all the time. so my new doctor (my old one moved away) suggested we check for a vitamin d deficiency. which it just so happens, i have. which can cause bone pain. and muscle weakness. and osteoporosis when you get old. so now i'm taking d3. and trying to spend more time in the sun.

maybe... in a few months... my back might not hurt. for the fist time in over 10 years.

this new doctor is amazing.


the dress

so these are photos of my parents on their wedding day and this is the dress i want to be married in. isn't it stunning? it is a vintage jessica mclintock, which is apparently rather neat if you're into designers. i think it's great because it belongs to my mom. and my aunt before her. and my grandmother sewed pearl beads onto the entire dress by hand. and it is lovely. overall it has been preserved in remarkably good condition, especially considering it's just been sitting in the basement all these years.

my original idea was to have a vintage wedding, bridesmaids in vintage dresses of their own selection but in the same basic color group, men in something casual that fits with the overall look... but mg disagreed. so, we're changing the style of the dress some (but still using all the original elements). it's a work in progress and right now i have buttons, vintage lace and bits of ribbon everywhere, but i'm optimistic that it will turn out great.


life • lace • laundry

i arrived home from texas yesterday, and found my package of vintage lace waiting for me! so i've unfolded it and hung it in the spare closet with all the other pieces that will eventually become my wedding dress. now if i could just find the time to work on putting it all together...

we found out yesterday that mg's grandmother has been hospitalized again. so, we're cancelling weekend plans to drive out and visit her. i knew it was the right thing to do when i suggested it and mg immediately said "let's do it". this is the guy who doesn't do spur-of-the-moment anything so if he's ready to drop our planned-months-ago climbing trip without a second thought he must be pretty worried. i think we're going to make a few stops along the way to visit some of his other extended family. i haven't met any of them before so i'm looking forward to it. now if i can just find someone to watch the dog for us... and feed kitty.

so this week is just another example of life never going the way it's planned. which is good. i firmly believe that god is in control and trust him to get us through everything - even the mountain of laundry i have to tackle before leaving town again.


A Beautiful Tribute to Life

I just came across the most amazing site: Days With My Father


Really? We need a better word for engaged couples to use. Its original meaning is just the man in the relationship, so what does that make me - Wife-to-Be? Besides... it always sounds so pompous, and it isn't at all the right word to refer to MG. It doesn't fit his personality at all.
So what to use? Boyfriend/Girlfriend? Not intense enough. 15-year-olds on Myspace use these words to describe their crush of the week. Betrothed? Great word, but there's no way you're tossing that one out in regular conversation - "Did I tell you? Yesterday my betrothed and I were discussing... ".

The thesaurus is absolutely no help on this one. It politely suggested: affianced, intended, plighted. The first two have the same trouble as fiance and betrothed, respectively. And plighted? You've got to be kidding me. It makes our upcoming nuptials sound like something dreadful, looming in the future with no possibility of escape. We are plighted... doomed to be together for life.

So, not that anyone is actually reading my blog... but if you happen to stumble across it, what would you suggest? What great new word(s) can we add to the English language to describe two individuals, in love, committing to each other for life?

In keeping with that theme and inspired by the great community over at A Practical Wedding, I'm going to use this blog to post a little about our wedding plans as they take shape. I consider myself very blessed to be in love with a man who genuinely cares about our wedding day (though that did put an end to my plans to elope). I do, however, adore the fact that he has opinions on this subject. The wedding will be Our Day not The Bride's Day - as it should be, and often isn't. Later today (or maybe this weekend) I'll talk dresses. I'm wearing my Mom's, and it's going to be fabulous.



...this blog does not see a lot of use.

I am hereby vowing to do better. So, a few quick updates about myself:

1 - I am getting married. This year. In October. We haven't officially announced it yet, so don't spill the beans.

2 - I have a happy-go-lucky one year old puppy. He is a doberman, but he'd never believe you if you told him that.

3 - I'm still addicted to sudoku and coffee. This might be pathetic. I posted that well over 2 years ago. Then again, isn't that the definition of addiction?