one year

this post is a few days late... but we have now been married one year. our marriage has been, hands down, the best thing about my life so far. it is amazing, loving, sometimes challenging, always good.

things we've learned:

  • i am definitely not a morning person. (mg makes sure i have coffee every morning)
  • mg is not patient. (i have learned to be more on time... mostly)
  • discipline decisions are tough. (and we only have dogs)
  • i am easy to please. (take my hand with a kiss and i'm happy)
  • mg is easy to please. (baked goods are always a hit)
  • we are not formal people. (example: we didn't actually do anything to celebrate our anniversary)
  • we (ok, mostly me) are too busy and need to slow down.
  • our families are awesome. (well, we knew that already)
  • communication is important and praying together daily equally so.

our life together, for better or worse, is going to be amazing.