updates on life

i started a new job this week, after 5+ years in my last one i was ready for a change. i'm still with the same company, but a different department, so new coworkers, new desk, new floor. i think i'm really going to like it here. the change was a huge answer to prayer and i'm excited to see where it leads.

other random updates:

kids - everyone is having them. we are not. yet. i'll keep you posted when that changes. in related news, my seven-month-old niece = most amazing thing in my life right now. she's adorable and so clever, and has awesome parents who don't let me babysit enough. (seriously, why do grandmother's have all the rights here?)

church - we're joining/helping form a new neighborhood community that i'm really excited about. most of my experience with churches has been either so close-knit it creates a christian social bubble, or so disconnected you only see each other on sundays or at special church functions. we've been going to charis for several years now, and i love the balance our christian community achieves and the level of involvement we strive for in each other's lives, and in our larger community. i'm excited to help plant a part of that so close to home :)

school - yep, still here. not leaving anytime soon. thank you, i do realize everyone i started with is graduated/graduating.

body art - i got a tattoo. i love it. my parents hate it. my employer doesn't care.

the major basement overhaul - it's been said that my geek and i won't know what to do when we finally don't have some major project going on. i think we'll start by getting a lot more rest. the basement overhaul started in september and the framing stage is now one weekend from being complete. mg has taken the bulk of that task but i think we're both totally sick of it at this point. so much so, in fact, that electrical work is already started, just to get a break from all the 2x4s. still a long way to go until we're done. fortunately, we're now hitting the point where we've agreed from the beginning to hire professionals (for example: i don't trust myself to install plumbing) things should move a little quicker once they get involved. what's the big hurry? a) we're tired of spending our free moments down there and b) mg is turning 30 in may. we'd really like to be able to use the space to entertain for that momentous occasion, but it's coming up fast :) and to be completely honest, i'm really looking forward to not having my house in a constant state of chaos. of course, as soon as we finish i really need to paint the main level, tile the walls of the hall bath, install some storage cubbies in the hallway... home ownership is both a joy/blessing and a pain/curse.

we continue to climb (when we can), and just generally try to stay as active as possible. the dogs continue to be their usual mix of crazy and adorable. we're thinking they're due for an obedience refresher course this spring. overall, life is going well.

PS - i've decided not to apologize for (once again) the long break in posts. i do this blog in addition to many other things. i love reading blog updates from people i care for and live far from, and hope you enjoy reading mine, but life requires balance, and sometimes... taking the time to post on my blog doesn't contribute to that for me.