time to breathe

signs that normalcy is returning to our lives:

• i packed lunch every day this week
• i've slept at least 5 hours every night this week
• remy, once again, has a morning routine
• we went climbing last night
• italics has a new home
• mg has a new home
• we're going climbing tonight
• i already have groceries bought and dinner planned
• the car is not hovering barely above "e"
• i have more clean laundry than dirty

of course, what is normal? i'm leaving tomorrow morning for a two day work trip to chicago, friday is officially 6 weeks from the wedding, and i've just agreed to work up a t-shirt design for a local ultimate team.

here's to the chaos that is daily life.



last night remy found a large cricket. he was fascinated, curious, and afraid all at once. i wish i'd had a camera to capture his reaction the first time it jumped. there's just nothing quite like watching a 65 pound dog leap away from a bitty black bug.



we had our final pre-marital counseling session with our pastor yesterday. at a certain point in the evening he was discussing the biblical role of a husband and as his comments were directed mostly to mg i was sitting there quietly listening and letting my mind wander just a bit.

i was looking over at mg as he focused intently on what our pastor was saying, when something happened. i'm not sure exactly how to describe it, but there it was. a change. a certainty. that this is it. we're ready. we can do this. this man is going to be the one who grows old with me.

and i realized that if what i felt then is even remotely like what it will be, on a certain day in october, to look into his eyes and promise myself to him... well, i can't wait for that moment. because the wedding is really about the marriage. our marriage. and it's beginning.



aren't they fun? i love packages. even if i already know what's in them. especially when they're all wrapped up so pretty.

we received this one yesterday. a wedding gift. mg wants to wait to open it... so i cheated and looked off the registry to see what it is. a coffee grinder. now i really want to open it.
yes, i know... patience is a virtue.



i just returned from having my teeth cleaned at the dentist. suddenly, all i want to do is eat chocolate.


turtle pace

this should have been friday's post. friday was exactly 10 weeks out. exciting! so i thought i'd share a little preview of the slow but steady progress on the dress. but then the weekend was totally nuts. so here it is. three days late.

a bittersweet note. a friend of mine has offered a home for italics. happy that he will have a wonderful place to live. sad that it will no longer be with me.