Really? We need a better word for engaged couples to use. Its original meaning is just the man in the relationship, so what does that make me - Wife-to-Be? Besides... it always sounds so pompous, and it isn't at all the right word to refer to MG. It doesn't fit his personality at all.
So what to use? Boyfriend/Girlfriend? Not intense enough. 15-year-olds on Myspace use these words to describe their crush of the week. Betrothed? Great word, but there's no way you're tossing that one out in regular conversation - "Did I tell you? Yesterday my betrothed and I were discussing... ".

The thesaurus is absolutely no help on this one. It politely suggested: affianced, intended, plighted. The first two have the same trouble as fiance and betrothed, respectively. And plighted? You've got to be kidding me. It makes our upcoming nuptials sound like something dreadful, looming in the future with no possibility of escape. We are plighted... doomed to be together for life.

So, not that anyone is actually reading my blog... but if you happen to stumble across it, what would you suggest? What great new word(s) can we add to the English language to describe two individuals, in love, committing to each other for life?

In keeping with that theme and inspired by the great community over at A Practical Wedding, I'm going to use this blog to post a little about our wedding plans as they take shape. I consider myself very blessed to be in love with a man who genuinely cares about our wedding day (though that did put an end to my plans to elope). I do, however, adore the fact that he has opinions on this subject. The wedding will be Our Day not The Bride's Day - as it should be, and often isn't. Later today (or maybe this weekend) I'll talk dresses. I'm wearing my Mom's, and it's going to be fabulous.

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Margaret said...

I did not know you were engaged. Congratulations! I find the word troublesome as well. I have not come up with a slick alternative either.