other's obsessions need not
my life dictate

so i got a black eye playing ultimate yesterday. of course, the first thing people ask when they see me is "what happened?". so i explain. their next comment is invariably "you're going to stop playing the month of the wedding aren't you?"

this reminded me of the week i announced our engagement at work. the news spread fairly quickly and i instantly noticed a change in my female coworkers. they became obsessed with what i ate. the first time someone said, in total shock, "you can't eat that! you have a wedding dress to fit into!" i thought she was joking. nope. the trend has continued. should i get the urge to satisfy a cookie craving i must eat it in secrecy at my desk.

this has led me to the following realizations.
one: we are way too obsessed with appearance. sure, everyone likes to look nice and i do try to avoid injury and eat healthy. but beauty at the expense of activities i enjoy or the occasional cookie? it's not gonna happen.
two: the wedding is just one day folks! yes, i want to look lovely. but you know what? if i end up with a black eye, tan lines, or a giant zit right on my nose... the wedding will still happen. we will still be married at the end of the day, and hey - that black eye might just make a great story later.
my conclusion: i'm okay with the way i look. black eye, sudden outbreak of acne and all. i could get married tomorrow and still feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

on a side note. the paper for our invites arrived today. it's just as great as i hoped it would be and made from 100% post consumer waste. yay! now to get the invites printed and mailed.


Alaina said...

Great post and excellent points! You are right to enjoy life and not obsess about things that don't really matter! :) You will be a gorgeous bride for your handsome groom! Go have a cookie - better yet, make it three! :)

Man, now I'm hungry. :)

liz nelson said...

yeah, seriously some people are ridiculous.:) you shouldn't have to change/rearrange your life in preparation for one day.
i do hope your black eye gets better.:)

Bridechka said...

Just found your blog, and I think I might have fallen in love with you just from this post. You've got a fan in me, black eyes and all ;)

Marla said...

Your co-workers must not know you too well. I don't think you could get fat even if you tried. Can't wait for your big day! You are going to look gorgeous no mater what.