we had our final pre-marital counseling session with our pastor yesterday. at a certain point in the evening he was discussing the biblical role of a husband and as his comments were directed mostly to mg i was sitting there quietly listening and letting my mind wander just a bit.

i was looking over at mg as he focused intently on what our pastor was saying, when something happened. i'm not sure exactly how to describe it, but there it was. a change. a certainty. that this is it. we're ready. we can do this. this man is going to be the one who grows old with me.

and i realized that if what i felt then is even remotely like what it will be, on a certain day in october, to look into his eyes and promise myself to him... well, i can't wait for that moment. because the wedding is really about the marriage. our marriage. and it's beginning.


liz nelson said...

that's a pretty great realization.:) marriage is an awesome design of God's, especially when entered into with spiritual focus and with the understanding that it is a life long commitment to each other. it's hard to believe it's coming up so quckly! i'm so excited for you guys!

stephanie said...

Those moments are blissfully awesome, aren't they?