time to breathe

signs that normalcy is returning to our lives:

• i packed lunch every day this week
• i've slept at least 5 hours every night this week
• remy, once again, has a morning routine
• we went climbing last night
• italics has a new home
• mg has a new home
• we're going climbing tonight
• i already have groceries bought and dinner planned
• the car is not hovering barely above "e"
• i have more clean laundry than dirty

of course, what is normal? i'm leaving tomorrow morning for a two day work trip to chicago, friday is officially 6 weeks from the wedding, and i've just agreed to work up a t-shirt design for a local ultimate team.

here's to the chaos that is daily life.

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liz nelson said...

i think i could use some of that normalcy...:) things kind of feel out of control for me these days. i can't believe the wedding is only 6 weeks out! time is flying. have fun in Chicago! oh and by the way, "julie & julia" was a great movie. i enjoyed it even more than i anticipated.:)