when being wrong, is right

you know those things you tell yourself? things like:
"i will never work for a certain insurance company"
"i will never stay in this town"
"i will never be a two-dress bride"

that last was one i was really certain of.

i have my wedding dress. (as you know) it was my mom's dress. we've put a lot of work into it and i love it. but as the wedding has gotten closer, i've started to worry. the material is very fragile. the (wonderful, twirly) skirt is made entirely of fine netting and already has several small tears in it. all it would take is one step on the hem for the dress to become unwearable.
everyone knows i'm a klutz, so there was nothing to do but sadly agree with mg that i should probably avoid much dancing.

then, last week over at apracticalwedding meg announced that a member of team practical has once again generously offered to give away her dress. a dress which was exactly my size, length, our colors...

so now i am officially to be a two-dress bride. i will have my wedding dress and i will have my party dress. one to wear while saying our vows, the dress that was there when my parent's said theirs. and one to dance the night away in, the dress that was there when leah and omid celebrated their joyous anti-wedding, wedding.

i have never been so happy to eat my words.


Marla said...

That's great that you will have another dress to party in!

Margaret said...

Oooo, yay, I'm so happy you got it. I saw that you had commented on it, and I thought the dress was just gorgeous!