a promise

discipline has never been a strength of mine. spontaneity, yes. discipline, no.

in fact when mg and i went through our pre-marital counseling, that was the one "red flag" on our personality evaluation. mg is disciplined. he schedules things. he plans. and he never, ever forgets anything. me? i forget. this is why i have a notebook calendar. and google calendar. and text reminders sent to my phone thirty minutes before anything important is scheduled to occur. this is also my main ammunition for why i think mg should let me get an iphone. ("see?", i say, "it would be my notebook, and my calendar, and the little reminders, all in one place!") i think he's actually going to give in.

so we're total opposites in this area and even though we know this about each other, it has already caused some minor conflict. "stress points", if you will. like one evening last week when i hit the wall and announced in frustration that i cannot handle life when it's this structured. to which he responded, "okay then, we can plan to be more spontaneous. how about three days each week.?"


anyway, that was all a long introduction to say that i haven't been very disciplined about writing on this blog. in my defense it began as a personal online journal of sorts. which i could write in at random, and no one ever bothered to read. but now, it is something else. a way to share thoughts on life with friends. friends whose blogs i enjoy reading. so i shouldn't neglect you so shamefully by not writing on mine. this is my pledge to do better, to be more disciplined. who knows... maybe it will trickle over into other areas of my life.

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stephanie said...

Structure is good, but so is being spontaneous.
I try to write regularly on my blog and so often fail, but I figure doing any writing is a start.
I always enjoy reading your posts.
Many blessings on you this week! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you.