i should buy stock in sterilite

if you know my mother, you know she is the organization queen. i've never considered that to be one of my strengths, but as we unpack things from the move i've realized that an overwhelming majority of the things i own are sorted into neatly labeled plastic organizers. I have big bins for sweatshirts and pajamas, medium sized bins for shoes, small bins for underclothes. There are drawers for scratch paper, for pens and pencils, for phone chargers. Smaller drawers for toiletries, paper clips, broken jewelry (yep, seriously) and tiny boxes for first aid supplies and band-aids.

i do indeed have a place for everything... though everything is rarely in it's place!

it seems i owe my mom a thank you for getting her scatter-brained artistic daughter to live in a semblance of order. let me just pull down that "cards and notes" box from the closet...

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Amanda Brown said...

Ha! This post makes me laugh! Too true... the Loy family offspring could single-handedly support the rubbermaid industry in a matter of several decades hence.

P.S. Is your no-caps thing an inspiration of e.e. cummings? Also, I am so excited you are a blogger... it will be like being roomies again! :)