six months later

so i own an apology to the blogging community. or rather, the tiny corner of the blogging community who read my posts. i have been very neglectful of this space of mine.

here is a quick update on my life the past six months:

  • i applied, assembled a portfolio, interviewed for, and was accepted into grad school. i start classes in a couple weeks.
  • my amazing grandfather passed away. this still does not seem real to me.
  • i injured my rotator cuff and spent most of the summer frustrated at my inability to do... everything.
  • we adopted a second dog. he is wonderful, challenging, and completely different from remy.
  • we took a long-anticipated vacation out west. my geek was introduced to water skiing.
  • we took on a major landscaping project which has filled pretty much every spare moment in our summer weekends.
it has been a wonderful, sometimes exhausting, summer in which i have re-discovered the joy of being outside, and neglected the online word.

photos to come soon.


liz nelson said...

glad to see you blogging again!:) congrats on getting into grad school, that's awesome! where will you be going and what for?

Amanda said...

Yay! You finally posted on your blog! you need to keep up with this so we can all enjoy your creativity.

sam said...

i'll be at isu. with work it just isn't feasible to go somewhere out of town. plus, isu has a new arts technology program that i'm pretty excited about, so that's what i'll be studying.
i'd really like to go for a studio mfa... but you can't do that and work too!