last night, a thirteen year old young lady moved in with us. she is currently grieving, angry, and feeling very alone. this should be a temporary thing. we hope to be able to reunite her with some of her family very soon. but... the original two day stay was almost immediately extended to two weeks. so we shall wait and see. i go to enroll her in school tomorrow, we went out and bought her clothing essentials last night. we are all trying to figure each other out and she is on her best behavior. the dogs so far have proven a blessing. she enjoys them, and they are a welcome distraction. if i'm honest, we probably wouldn't have said "yes" to thirteen if it wasn't for only two days. and now it's not. so we're taking it a day at a time. and praying.

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liz nelson said...

We will be praying for you guys! I can't imagine how overwhelming that must feel. Hoping it goes smoothly. I'm sure you guys will provide the stability (even if it's brief) and love that she needs right now.