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i arrived home from texas yesterday, and found my package of vintage lace waiting for me! so i've unfolded it and hung it in the spare closet with all the other pieces that will eventually become my wedding dress. now if i could just find the time to work on putting it all together...

we found out yesterday that mg's grandmother has been hospitalized again. so, we're cancelling weekend plans to drive out and visit her. i knew it was the right thing to do when i suggested it and mg immediately said "let's do it". this is the guy who doesn't do spur-of-the-moment anything so if he's ready to drop our planned-months-ago climbing trip without a second thought he must be pretty worried. i think we're going to make a few stops along the way to visit some of his other extended family. i haven't met any of them before so i'm looking forward to it. now if i can just find someone to watch the dog for us... and feed kitty.

so this week is just another example of life never going the way it's planned. which is good. i firmly believe that god is in control and trust him to get us through everything - even the mountain of laundry i have to tackle before leaving town again.

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