the dress

so these are photos of my parents on their wedding day and this is the dress i want to be married in. isn't it stunning? it is a vintage jessica mclintock, which is apparently rather neat if you're into designers. i think it's great because it belongs to my mom. and my aunt before her. and my grandmother sewed pearl beads onto the entire dress by hand. and it is lovely. overall it has been preserved in remarkably good condition, especially considering it's just been sitting in the basement all these years.

my original idea was to have a vintage wedding, bridesmaids in vintage dresses of their own selection but in the same basic color group, men in something casual that fits with the overall look... but mg disagreed. so, we're changing the style of the dress some (but still using all the original elements). it's a work in progress and right now i have buttons, vintage lace and bits of ribbon everywhere, but i'm optimistic that it will turn out great.


liz nelson said...

why am i just now discovering that you have a blog?:)
i recently started one and it's been kind of fun to have.
and by the way, i'm extremely excited for you guys!:)

Sam said...

probably because i set the blog up... and then didn't update it for three years.
we still haven't officially announced anything - but keep october 9th free ;)

Margaret said...

I especially love the skirt of this gown! Gorgeous!

Veiled Vows said...

hi there! I am doing a post on wearing your mother's wedding dress and you have the perfect example of what can be done! I was wondering if I could feature it on a guest blog I'm working on. Let me know! auburnandivory@gmail.com