so mg reads the blog and he was very concerned this morning. "do you really think that's going to happen to our marriage?" to which i answered "no".

the previous post was a response to an ongoing discussion of marriage in today's culture. a culture that does not value marriage as a life-long commitment. does not see commitment as good. there are endless jokes about the stupidity of men, the silliness of women, the general unhappiness of people who are stuck married. by "what i fear" i didn't mean that is the direction i think our marriage is headed. but it is what i see in many marriages around us, and what i want to be sure to avoid.

i love our marriage, but i also know that life is (hopefully) long. at times it will be difficult. there will be pressures on our relationship that we can't predict. i don't think anyone sets out to have a complacent marriage, but i do think too often people aren't intentional about avoiding it. they wake up one day and wonder how they got where they're at. i don't want to be that person. i don't think i will.


Margaret said...

I knew what you meant, and I think it's a totally legitimate thing to work against, because as you said, you can fall into a routine without even recognizing it's a routine.

stephanie said...

two excellent posts. Marriage is awesome, but I think it's pretty easy to fall into a routine of existence, rather than embracing and living the amazing life granted to us to share.
Thanks for your thoughts.

liz nelson said...

i enjoyed and agreed with both of your posts. the cultural view of marriage is very skewed, which makes it all the more important to have intentional marriages and to strive for something greater than just a routine or co-existing. marriage is an awesome thing, but definitely requires effort and selfless-ness. the results of which are very worthwhile. thanks for the enouraging thoughts and challenges.:)