as you may already know, i am close to completing my first year of grad school. in addition to still working full time. so much for slowing down!

it's been an exhausting, but very positive experience, and i'm incredibly grateful to the school of art at isu for being so flexible in allowing me to pursue this part-time. (and huge kudos to my geek for picking up the slack at home when i'm at class or stressed out over homework)

last night i wrapped up a little foray into writing object-oriented java applications. it was a great learning experience... and the result is kinda fun so i thought i'd share:
Hungry Hippos

note: there is quite the back story to this project involving myself, my geek, and a certain stuffed hippo named Marten.


Marley said...

I played this and was very excited.
(monotone voice)
Just kidding, I really was thrilled.

Amanda said...

Wasn't your "stressed out over homework" mainly confined to Sunday evenings... since you didn't do it 'till then... :)