lady of shalott

i recently stumbled across this video, and it reminded me of a certain iconic scene from the anne of green gables/avonlea films of the late 80s. turns out my geek had never seen them. so, we borrowed the old vhs tapes from my parents (along with their vcr) and watched through them in 5 sittings over the course of a week.

its important to note here that our forays back into childhood favorites have not always proven successful. (murder by death = worst. movie. ever.) and the anne stories are not exactly typical "guy" fare… so for most of the film i was watching my geek's reactions almost as much as the movie itself. at times he appeared to be genuinely interested in the story - other times, not so much. by the end of the saga i was still unsure if he really appreciated it. cue the closing romantic bridge scene:

anne: "i don't want sunbursts or marble halls… i just want you."

music soars.

credits roll.

geek, frustrated: "he should shove her off the bridge now."

"guess he didn't like it much after all," i think

me: "yeah well, mom always said anne should have married morgan."

geek, passionately: "oh, I would have been seriously pissed off if it had ended that way!"

success :)


Marley said...

Agreed. All that matters in the end is that Anne and Gilbert are together. Murder By Death is perhaps the most talked-up movie that fails to deliver.

sam said...

Exactly! I don't think I would have disliked it so strongly if it hadn't been hyped up so much before-hand. The level of expectation was proportionate to the level of disappointment.