last night i hit a wall with this parenting gig. i am so tired and overwhelmed and was beginning to feel resentful. so thankful for my geek and the fact that we're in this together. late night talks and prayer are getting us through!


liz nelson said...

I can't even imagine jumping straight into the teen years especially in a non permanent situation. I've been thinking of you guys and praying for you!

sam said...

Thank you! Things are settling down. I think the hardest thing has been that we were just totally unprepared for 1 - a teenager and 2 - how long she's stayed. If we knew from day one this was going to be longer-term we probably would have started things off differently. Thinking it was just a couple night visit we were more focussed on making sure she was comfortable than doing things like establishing house rules, etc. Lesson learned for next time!